Our story

Hello! We are the City and Hackney Carers Centre

We were founded in 1996 by a group of carers who were struggling to find support. They banded together to create the Carers Centre, a one stop shop for unpaid carers living in the City of London and Hackney. Since then we have grown and now offer a range of needs-led support services that are accessible and appropriate. 

There are an estimated 18,000 unpaid carers who live or support someone living in the City of London and as such carers are at the heart of all that we that do. Our services  continue to be designed, developed and closely monitored by our  team, alongside our service users. With this inside insight, we can better support carers, empowering them within their role.  

Caring can be a tough a job and no one should have to tackle it alone if they don't want to.