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Course 1 - 'Beyond Caring', with artist Angela Groundwater

​Over this six-week course, led by artist Angela Groundwater, carers examined who they are beyond their caring role, using collections of significant objects to help them explore their lives.

Helping carers explore an identity beyond that of 'carer'


Angela will ask carers to bring in a treasured possession or collection of objects - pieces that either mean something to them, or objects that they feel reflect their personalities. Carers Collective activities are designed to encourage carers to check in with themselves and explore the various facets of their identities beyond the label of 'carer' - the unique parts that make up a whole person.

Working through creative blocks

Working with life coach Catherine Macadam of Coaching for Carers, carers will identify aspects of themselves which are creative. They will receive support to help them identify and work through creative blocks and shift their thinking from negative to positive and optimistic. Over the course they will get to know other members of the group and will be able to give and receive support and build networks and relationships. 


Using pattern to explore lives and histories

Carers' collections of significant objects will provide a vehicle for them to talk about their lives as they work through the course with Angela. They will see how Angela uses pattern to explore the lives and histories of the groups she works with, and learn how they can do the same. Using templates provided by the artist, they will learn to make patterns from their significant objects. Each carer will receive a print of the unique pattern they make, which they can take home with them.


Creating products for sale

During the course, Angela will be creating a unique design called 'Beyond Caring', featuring some of the carers' significant objects. The pattern created can be used on walls, t-shirts, aprons or mugs: products which can be sold to help promote the work of the Carers Collective and raise money for future Collective activities during 2020.

Design launch and group show of carers' work


Angela's wallpaper design will be launched on Carers Rights Day 2019, and exhibited at U7 in Shoreditch, along with a group show of carers' work. There will be a private view / launch party in the evening of Carers Rights Day (Thurs 21st Nov), to which all carers will be invited.

The course runs on Wednesdays from 18th Sept to October 23rd, 1.30 - 3.30pm.

Refreshments will be provided.

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