Dementia Discussions Q&A

There can be a lot of confusion surrounding dementia, what to do when someone you love is diagnosed and how to cope with the challenges of caring for someone with dementia.


The Dementia Discussions live Q & A partners with local experts to address topics that matter to you. Hosted by the brilliant Donald, we will cover topics that matter to you like how to manage challenging behaviours, legal matters and much more! 

Heard Something?

Our Experts give all kinds of useful information during their segments. Have you heard something during one of the Q&As and want to learn more?


Click here for links to useful websites and other bits of helpful info. 

Our Host

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Donald Hutera is a veteran free-lance arts writer and speaker (especially about dance), curator, dramaturg, mentor and performer. His writing can be read in The Times of London and many other publications and websites. He is a member of Posh Club Dance Club and currently involved in the creation of Rhiannon Faith's upcoming show DROWNTOWN. He is also a registered carer and long-time resident of Hackney.