Digital Inclusion Project

Technology has a vital role to play in supporting carers and digital solutions can be both cost effective and highly beneficial.


The internet is full of all sorts of information and support for carers. In fact access to the internet can help decrease isolation, improve well-being and develop new skills. It can also help to make some caring tasks a lot easier by saving you time and energy.


This two-part project aims to reduce the digital divide for carers of all ages living in the City of London and Hackney. 

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Part One: Connecting Carers
The Connecting Carers element of this project will support carers to tackle their tech phobias and get online. 
This will be done through the provision of individualised IT support delivered by our trained volunteers either by telephone, in the community or in the carer's home (following safe social distancing and  wearing PPE of course).
For carers who want to get online but struggle to afford to do so, we can help support carers to access the equipment and facilities they need to get online. 
Are you a carer, or do you know a carer who wants to get online but doesn't know where to start? You can complete a referral form by clicking the button below or give us a ring on 020 8533 0951.
Part Two: Directing Carers

This aspect of the project aims to link carers up with online services such as:

  • Training and courses

  • Social groups

  • Counselling and Coaching

  • Well-being activities such as dance, yoga and mindfulness

There will also be regular  safety training opportunities for carers who want to become more confident with their online skills. 

Are you a carer who is looking to get involved with more online activities? Check out our calendar of events, or contact the project team by telephone on 020 8533 0951 or by email.