Legal Matters

Financial and legal issues are not the first thing that most people think about when caring for someone with dementia. However, these are important issues that should not be overlooked or put off.  As a carer it can be hard finding time, and money, to think about sorting out the legal side of things. However, in the longer term you might save yourself a lot of worry if you sort legal and financial matters. Below are some useful links to resources which you may find helpful when navigating the legalities associated with caring for someone with dementia.

Carter Bond Solicitors

Vikas, our Q&A respondent is a Solicitor for Carter Bond who specalise in wills & probate. They have a range of free helpful e-books. 

Writing a Will

Age UK's fact sheet for writing a will. 

Power of Attorney

Age UK's guide to power of attorney for older people.

Dementia guide

NHS England's comprehensive guide to caring for someone with dementia and managing their legal rights.