Self care for carers

Caring for someone can be a tough job. Alongside your practical duties, it may come with many emotional complexities, and it’s easy to forget about your own needs.  Below are some helpful links and information which we hope can help carers take a few minutes each day for him or herself. You will also find the exercises that Kieran, our Q&A Respondent referenced. 

50 Ways to Take a Break

A handout giving you simple suggestions for ways to take a break from caring

Your Bill of Assertive Rights

Remember you have to put yourself first sometimes, here is a document reminding you of your rights including saying no, and taking time for yourself. 

Guidelines for Better Sleep

Tips for helping you to get a better night's sleep. 

Guide to Relaxation Techniques

A simple guide to self facilitated relaxation exercises including the progressive muscle relaxation exercise demonstrated by Donald in the Carers Q&A