What we do

City and Hackney Carers Centre supports the unmet practical, emotional and social needs of carers. 

To make life better for carers in Hackney. We do this  though education, awareness raising, assessment, peer support,  training and development
A society in which caring is visible, valued and respected
Every day 6,000 people in the UK become carers, looking after a
loved one who is older, disabled or ill. Many do not know how or where
to get help. Becoming a carer can happen slowly or time, or for some it's sudden.

Caring for most is simply part of life and being human. Carers are often there holding together families and enabling loved ones to have full lives. Carers make an enormous contribution to society and social care. In fact they save the UK economy billions of pounds each year!


Caring will affect us all at some point and that is why we are here, to support the 18,000 people in Hackney who are looking after someone each day. Caring can be extremely complicated to navigate and it is our hope that we can make their journey just a little bit easier.