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Below you'll find useful information, resources and helpful links to websites and organisations that might be helpful in your caring role.

You can also view informative videos from our past projects.



Carers & Exercise Survey: Report & Findings

A while back, we asked carers to be part of our survey on exercise engagement, and we had a great response.

📊 We received a staggering 102 fantastic responses filled with incredibly useful and eye-opening data! We also delved deep into the world of six passionate carers through in-depth interviews! 🎤🎉 The result? A comprehensive report that will revolutionise how we understand exercise for carers.

Check out the report, built on the voices and experiences of our amazing carers!

Main Findings & Recommendations
  • Health and social care professionals should focus on carers' access to exercise and provide information about free or low-cost options.​

  • The statutory carers assessment should consider a carer's ability to engage in exercise and explore possible channels of support, including short-term replacement care.

  • GPs and health professionals should prescribe safe exercises for carers with injuries or mobility issues, as gentle exercise may help alleviate health conditions.

  • Commissioners of services for carers should offer free or discounted gym memberships and classes in Hackney.

  • Extend free swimming access to include wider gym facilities for carers.

  • Carers can prove their caring status through the Hackney Carers Card scheme for eligibility.

  • Exercise and fitness providers should accept a supporting letter from a Carers Service as proof of eligibility.

  • Implementing these recommendations can improve carers' health and well-being, potentially reducing the need for local authority or health provider intervention.

Carers' Week 2023

City & Hackney Carers are delighted to be joining with Lloyds for their Carers Seminar on Thursday 8th June as part of Carers Week. 

The resource containing useful links to all support services mentioned in our presentation can be found here:


Dementia Discussion Project

Three part support service for carers of people with dementia. Learn new skills, how to cope with challenging behaviours and more.

Caring for someone with dementia comes with a complicated set of psychological and emotional challenges that can make you feel that your life is on hold. It can be lonely and isolating and we recognise the impact it can have on your relationships and abilities to cope with stress and manage crises.

Below your find you're one stop shop to learn about the ins and outs of looking after someone with dementia.

Dementia Discussions Q&A

There can be a lot of confusion surrounding dementia, what to do when someone you love is diagnosed and how to cope with the challenges of caring for someone with dementia.

The Dementia Discussions live Q&A partners with local experts to address topics that matter to you. Hosted by the brilliant Donald, we will cover topics that matter to you like how to manage challenging behaviours, legal matters and much more!

Donald Hutera was a host! A veteran freelance arts writer and speaker (especially about dance), curator, dramaturg, mentor and performer. 

Dementia Carers Crisis Toolkit

Caring for someone with dementia is not an easy task; and comes with a unique set of challenges including finding out information about the disease, identifying those people who are best placed to support you, managing challenging behaviours and associated crises or making time to look after your own health.

This toolkit has been designed with all this in mind and aims to help you manage during times of crisis or where you feel like you just can't go on anymore. We hope that it will provide you with the skills, confidence and tools to better cope and hopefully thrive within your role.

You can use it alone or with input from family and professionals, it's totally up to you!

    CHAIR Angie is a Hackney local. After obtaining a degree in Physics from Durham University she pursued a career in software development. Angie heard about CHCC through a member of her walking group. Angie developed a strong appreciation of the challenges faced by carers following her sister’s stroke.
    Originally from Nigeria, Cassim came to the UK in 2011. Cassim has a teaching qualification, a Masters in Cyber Security and works within the cybersecurity field. Cassim cares for both of his adult children.
    Dominic joined CHCC in January 2019 bringing with him over 13 years of experience working in the Financial Services sector. Dominic’s background is in lobbying and helping firms understand and work through regulatory change. Wanting to combine his industry experience and passion to make a difference, Dominic became interested in CHCC through ELBA’s BoardMatch5 initiative.
    TREASURER ​ Malcolm has an Honours degree in Chemistry from the University of St Andrews. He attended University College London where he gained his PhD. He is a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Chartered Chemist, a Chartered Scientist and a Chartered Environmentalist. In addition to his role of Treasurer for CHCC, Malcolm is currently a Trustee of CHOICE in Hackney.
    Mary is one of the founders of the City and Hackney Carers Centre. She began her career as a staff nurse before transitioning into health visiting. Mary has experience caring for both of her in-laws and for her son. She understands first-hand the caring role and how demanding it can be at times. In addition to being a trustee for CHCC Mary also sits on the board of trustees for Choice in Hackney.
    Jonathan is one of our longest standing trustees. After reading law at the London School of Economics Jonathan practised in the City for many years. As well as sitting on the board at City & Hackney Carers, Jonathan is a trustee of Friends of the Elderly.
    Tess joined CHCC in July 2022. A chartered secretary by profession with a career in governance mainly in social housing but culminating in local authority democratic services. Tess took early retirement in 2020 to focus on caring for her partner following his severe stroke in 2018.
Most Frequently Asked Questions in Regards to Dementia

Mindfulness for Carers

Being a carer for a loved one can be one of the most stressful situations anyone can face. You may find yourself constantly being worried about the future, or mourning for the past while juggling many tasks in the present.

Mindfulness is a great way to quiet your busy mind from time to time, help you manage stress and over time increase resilience.

Scientific-evidence has shown that a regular mindfulness practice can have lots of benefits. Most notably it can

  • Enhance empathy and self-compassion

  • Improve cognition

  • Stabilise stress levels

  • Promote emotional health and well-being

  • Improve attention

Check out our mindfulness video library below. We have run sessions on managing anxiety, fostering self-compassion and how to integrate mindfulness into your daily life.

If you don't have time to sit down for a full session, no problem! Our Mindful Moments videos are all under five minutes!

Want to be mindful at your own pace? Download our self-compassion and resilience mindfulness guide.


Mindfulness for Carers